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Prices & Packages

Nutritional Therapy is not a quick-fix solution – it requires time and commitment to see real change. Often, this starts with small changes that lead to a lifelong journey to better health. Because of this, I recommend working together for a minimum of three sessions, during which time we can adapt your plan to meet changing health concerns or personal circumstances.  

The first session will be around 90 minutes, in which time we will go through your symptoms, any health conditions, lifestyle, health goals, personal and medical history, and your food diary. From there, we can develop a health plan to suit your goals and lifestyle.   

I can meet you wherever you are with your health journey, providing all the support needed for you to flourish in achieving your goals.

Symptoms &
health issues
Personal &
medical history
Diet & lifestyle
Health goals

My pricing is as follows:

2 Month Plan: £360

Consisting of 1x 90-minute session, plus 2x 30-minute check-ins and 2x hour follow up sessions.

3 Month Plan: £480

Consisting of 1x 90-minute session, plus 3x 30-minute check-ins and 3x hour follow up sessions.

4 Month Plan: £600

Consisting of 1x 90-minute session, plus 4x 30-minute check-ins and 4x hour follow up sessions.

30-minute follow up: £50

3x hour sessions: £300

What my plans include:

Personalised, detailed health plan, with revisions following each session
Recipe ideas, handouts and product recommendations
Quality supplement recommendations

(with 15% discount through the Good Health Boutique)

Email support between consultations

Please note that all sessions will be done online over Zoom. To enquire about face-to-face sessions, please contact me.

Free 30-minute discovery call

Ready to start your journey
to more balanced hormones?

Corporate work

I also deliver corporate wellness talks and workshops, which can be tailored to your workforce’s specific needs.
Please contact me to find out more.